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American Freedom
A Conversation with America
For “Change” in the UNITED STATES



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Charles Erwin’s non-fiction book exposes the secret government of the UNITED STATES and the forces behind the secret government which are taking away our Constitutional Freedoms.

This publication is "THE" Reference Book to Freedom every Patriotic American Citizen has been waiting to be written.

During a time when Congress violates the original Constitution with nearly every bill it enacts, this book contains the constitutionally lawful recipe to break the cycle and restore our Freedom.

Secret forces within the UNITED STATES have been working to enslave America for more than 100 years. It is time the American people fought back!

The book contains the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Law
  3. Government
  4. Politics
  5. Constitution
    • Article I – The Legislative Branch
    • Article II – The Executive Branch
    • Article III – The Judicial Branch
    • Article IV – Relationship between the States, and the Federal Government
    • Article V – The Amending powers of Congress
    • Article VI – General provisions
    • Article VII – Ratification of the Constitution
  6. Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America
  7. Bill of Rights and other Articles of Amendment
    • Amendment I
      • Freedoms, Petitions, and Assembly
    • Amendment II
      • Right to bear arms
    • Amendment III
      • Quartering of Soldiers
    • Amendment IV
      • Search and Arrest
    • Amendment V
      • Rights in Criminal Cases
    • Amendment VI
      • Right to a Fair Trial
    • Amendment VII
      • Rights in Civil Cases
    • Amendment VIII
      • Bail, Fines, and Punishment
    • Amendment IX
      • Rights Retained by the People
    • Amendment X
      • States' Rights
    • Amendment XIV
      • Civil Privileges
    • Amendment XVI
      • Income Taxes
    • Amendment XXVII
      • Congressional Pay Raises
  1. Contracts of Ownership and Title
  2. Internal Revenue Service and Taxes
    • Lawful Taxes and the Income Tax
    • Taxes on Profit and Gain
    • Source of Income and Due Process of Law
    • Identities of IRS and the Taxpayer
    • Other Forms of Taxes
    • International Monetary Fund and Executive Orders
    • IRS Enforcement Laws
    • IRS System of Records
    • IRS Kickback Racket
    • Social Security and the Queen of England
  3. Mainstream Media and Mind Control
  4. War and Terrorism
    • Covert and Overt Terrorism
    • Biological Warfare
    • Assassination of John F. Kennedy and Gun Control
    • Corporate Police Forces
    • Oklahoma City Bombing
    • World Trade Center
  5. Second Amendment
    • Rule of Law
    • Gun Control Lie and Martial Law
    • Guns and Politics
    • International Treaty Laws
    • Corporate Army in America
    • Right to Carry Law
    • Gun Laws and the Supreme Court
  6. Conclusion

Each chapter exposes in detail the legal and unlawful laws used by the majority of our governmental representatives to enslave the American people…WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. Knowledge being Power, once the people of the “Real” United States know the specifics behind the legal tactics being used by certain representatives of the “Fictitious” UNITED STATES, the restoration of our Freedoms will be under OUR lawful constitutional control. American Freedom A Conversation with America For “Change” in the UNITED STATES is a unique publication. The multi-colored printed Reference Book can be used as a color-coded indexed resource manual, providing valuable information American Patriots need to restore the Sovereignty and Freedom of the American people. In eBook format, our three color indexed resource manual is a powerful searchable PDF (Portable Document Format) file allowing the user to find information in an instant. The eBook format additionally supplies volumes of source and reference material from the Internet to your computer with a mouse click. To our knowledge, American Freedom is the only publication chronicling this massive amount of freedom information in one Reference Book.

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American Freedom